How to Add Cash App to Apple Pay without Card

It’s almost common knowledge that you can add your Cash App to your Apple Pay wallet by adding your Cash App card as a payment method to your Apple Pay. However, not every Cash App user can access a Cash App card.

Statistics show that only 7 million of the 36 million or so Cash App monthly active users have access to the Cash App card. The other 29 million must have a way to link their Cash App account to their Apple Pay account, right?

Well, this article will examine if that is the case. Here, you’ll learn how to add Cash App to Apple Pay without Cash App Visa card, if that is possible. Before trying to learn, however, shouldn’t we try to find out if it’s even possible in the first place?

Can You Add Cash App to Apple Pay without Card?

If you’ve scoured the length and breadth of Apple Pay, you should notice that there’s no option for you to link your Cash App account. However, there are always workarounds, but is there a workaround for adding Cash App to your Apple Pay account?

At the moment, there’s no way to add Cash App as a payment method to your Apple Pay without having the Cash App card. The card makes it possible to link the account to the Apple payment app as a debit card, which happens to be the only way to link anything Cash App to Apple Pay.

If you came here in search of a workaround that could make the link work, I regret to inform you that the workaround you’re looking for is requesting your Cash App card. Since the card is free unless you’re trying to add customizations, nothing is stopping you from ordering one.

Before making the order, however, you want to ensure you have a verified Cash App account as the Cash App card is only available to accounts that have undergone verification. Just like the process of getting the card itself, verifying your account with the Cash App is completely free.

In addition to the ability to link your Apple Pay account to your card, there are a host of reasons why you may want to verify your account and get a Cash App card. Increased limits and the fixed deposits feature are some examples, but since this article isn’t explaining the advantages of Cash App, we won’t dive into those.

Instead, I’ll show you the steps required to get a Cash App card easily after verifying your account. From there, you’ll learn how to use the said card to add your Cash App to Apple Pay, but you’ll of course need a card (that you now have) to do so.

How to Add Cash App to Apple Pay without Card

The requirements for adding a Cash App account to Apple Pay are clear: verify your account and get a Cash App card. However, Cash App doesn’t ship a card to just anyone who has verified their account; there are a series of processes to follow to ensure that you get your debit card for the exercise.

The Cash App card is free to order for any user, but you may have to pay a token to add extra customizations to the app. Since extra customizations are unnecessary to add your Cash App to Apple Pay, we’ll stick with the narrative that the card is free unless you decide otherwise.

With all that said, here are the steps required to get a Cash App card.

  • Verify your account

The process of verifying a Cash App account involves many steps, some of which include adding your bank account details and some other crucial information to be able to link the account to you. The account verification process is quick and costs you nothing.

 If you’ve not verified your account as soon as you created it, you should get consistent messages prompting you to verify the account whenever you try to perform an unsupported action. Some actions that the app doesn’t support for unverified users include requesting a Cash App card and sending more than $250 per week.

When you get the prompt to verify your Cash App account, you can submit all the necessary details to apply for verification. In most cases, the verification should be done in an hour or two, with it taking up to ten days in the most extreme cases.

  • Get a Cash App Card

Once you verify your account, you instantly qualify for the free Cash App card. You can head over to the app on your smartphone to design and customize your card, indicate your address, and have it shipped to you in no time.

To get a Cash App card, simply head over to the cash tab from the Cash App home screen and select the “Get Cash App” option. You’ll see a page promoting the card, tap “Continue” and continue with customizing your card.

  • Add the Card to Apple Pay 

When you receive your Cash App card, you’ll have to activate it before you can start using it like any other regular Visa debit card. One of the uses of the card after activation is adding it as a payment method to Apple Pay, which effectively links your Cash App to Apple’s payment solution.

To do that, you can head over to the Apple Pay app on your smartphone. From there, tap the + icon to add a new card as a funding source, and you’ll have input fields to add your card numbers and other details. Fill in everything as required and your card should be added to Apple Pay instantly.

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Linking your Cash App to Apple Pay makes it possible to fund the latter with money from your Cash App account, expanding the possibilities of funds in the account. But can you do that without getting a Cash App card? This article explains all you need to know about that. 

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