My Cash App was Hacked What Do I Do?

It’s certain; no one likes to be the victim of a hack. However, we also know that hundreds of accounts are hacked daily, and someone has to be on the receiving end of those attacks. As long as you’re an active Cash App user, there’s always a chance that your account will be hacked.

One of the most crucial things to know about Cash App before even making an account is that the funds in your account are not insured by the FDIC. In the event of a scam or hack, you’ll be 100% liable for any losses, unless you can prove that the hack was Cash App’s fault.

With that said, it should already be clear that you shouldn’t be trying to get your money back if you’re at the receiving end of an attack. Instead, you should try to recover your account. Once you have access to your account again, then you can try to protect it from future occurrences of the same attack. In this article, I’ll show you My Cash App was Hacked What Do I Do?.

Can Someone Hack Your Cash App Account?

Before jumping into this article properly, it’s essential to determine if someone can hack your Cash App account in the first place. First, I’ll take a look at the traditional meaning of the word: “hack,” apply it to a hypothetical scenario with a given Cash App account, and see if it’s even possible.

Most dictionaries define hack as the process of gaining unauthorized and often illegal access to a computer or an account. However, that’s not the traditional understanding of the word, especially now that there are “ethical” hackers who try to access accounts with authorization, but by finding the flaws in the system.

The traditional understanding of a hack is gaining access to an account or computer by taking advantage of flaws in the system. If you can discover a way to log into someone’s Cash App account using their $Cashtag for example, you’d have successfully hacked their account.

By the traditional understanding, it’s practically impossible to hack someone’s account on Cash App. If you don’t have all the required details, there’s currently no way to gain access to someone’s account without their authorization.

While that is a huge boast, there’s a catch. If “hacking” in your opinion means gaining unauthorized access without any specification as to how, then yes, it might be possible to hack a Cash App account. If you want to know how that’s possible, that would be a huge topic on its own, but for now, we can do with using only one practical scenario.

Say you’re chatting with someone who’s offering you a huge sum of money for a service you offer. Excited, you discuss payment, and he agrees to pay the abnormal sum, but only through Cash App because he has some problems with his bank. Then, he asks you to send your Cash App phone number.

After sending it, he calls back after a few seconds to inform you that the app is asking for the password to your account to process the transaction because of its volume. With some pestering, you eventually release your password, not imagining he might have bad intentions.

A few minutes later, he asks you to send a code that Cash App sent to you to authorize the transaction. If you’ve been playing along throughout, you’d have lost every single dollar in your Cash App account to the scammer.

If you still don’t understand how the scam works, here’s a simple explanation. You gave the hacker your phone number first, and then you gave them your password. After a few minutes, you gave them the two-factor authentication code (if you have that set up). The next part, after all that is watching your money go up in thin air.

My Cash App Was Hacked What Do I Do?

The preceding section has explained how you could lose your Cash App account to scammers if you’re not careful. What’s left at this point is recovering your account and fortifying it to ensure you don’t suffer another similar scam.

First, you’ll want to report the hack to Cash App support to see what they can do to help. While there’s currently no way to recover any of the dollars you’ve forfeited as a result of the hack, Cash App support can help you fortify your account and give you the advice to prevent hacks in the future. 

After calling the support representative, you may want to start implementing tips that will make it impossible to lose your Cash App account in the future. One of those tips is enabling two-factor authentication if you log in using your email address.

Afterward, you may also want to change all the passwords connected to the Cash App account. If you’ve lost access to your phone number, you may either choose to block or recover it to prevent a bad actor from using it as a loophole to access your account.

Also, you should consider changing the password of your email and revamping the overall security if you have it connected to your Cash App. Besides your phone number, someone can access your Cash App account by having unfettered access to your email, and that’s certainly not something you want to risk.

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If your Cash App account was hacked, there are many things you shouldn’t do. One of them is paying someone who promises to help you recover the funds. If you do so, you’re only compounding the losses, since there’s a very high chance that they’re also trying to scam you.

Instead, what you should do is recover your account and revamp its security. If you use the same password for your email and other services, consider changing the passwords and make use of a good password manager. That way, you should be able to secure your account from bad actors effectively.

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